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Leather thigh harness
- Crafted from high-quality black leather, this thigh harness features nickel-coated buckles, O-rings, and rivets for a rugged yet stylish look.
- Fully adjustable, it ensures a comfortable fit for various body sizes.

- Ideal for multiple occasions:
    - Cosplay: Perfect for channelling your favourite characters or creating your own unique persona.
    - Burning Man: Stand out in the desert with this edgy accessory.
    - Bushcraft: Practical and fashionable for outdoor adventures.
    - Mad Max / Post-Apocalypse: Embrace the dystopian aesthetic.
    - Festivals and Conventions: Make a bold fashion statement.
    - Everyday Wear: Elevate your style with an unconventional twist.


Whether you're striding through a convention hall or navigating the wastelands, this leather thigh harness adds an element of intrigue and flair to your ensemble.  Plus, it's versatile—perfect for both fashion-forward rebels and survivalists.


Available in most sizes, but if we don't have your size, feel free to get in touch for a *custom order*. Let's tailor this accessory to fit you like a second skin!

Leather thigh harness

  • Premium Black Leather

    Nickel Plated Steel

    This item is designed to be worn on the hip...
    Front Thigh Drop: 6 - 15 inches approx.
    Rear Thigh Drop: 6 - 16 inches approx.

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