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Vontoon started in 2012, working out of a box with any tools we could scrape together, but in time we have grown to work from out of our own studio with all the best traditional and modern equipment.  We now provide products for individual cosplayers, fashionistas, theatre productions, movies, musicians, stage and T.V.


Our goal has always been to deliver something unique, stylish and with a sense of fun.  We are consistently challenged in our making skills with the amazing designs our customers request for their projects.

One of the great pleasures of running Vontoon is our interaction with our customers who have always been the most interesting people who have been our main driving force and inspiration on our journey.

Now we are at the point of launching our own website and shop after many successful years on various platforms, we think this is the time to expand what we do and who we offer it to opening up a whole world of possibilities.

We are so excited to present the Vontoon website to you and new items to add to your alternative collection.

To all our previous customers, thank you and to our future friends welcome to Vontoon and we hope you can find the perfect item for you adventures.

Many Thanks 


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