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Introducing Our Handcrafted Leather 2 Story Chest Harness in Red: Where Edge Meets Elegance


Are you ready to make a bold statement? Our meticulously crafted Leather Two-Story Halter Chest Harness is more than an accessory - it’s an embodiment of rebellion and style. Whether you’re a daring cosplayer, an alternative bride, or simply someone who thrives on fashion individuality, this chest harness is your canvas for self-expression.


Product Design and Materials:
Premium Leather: Crafted from high quality leather, this halter harness exudes rugged elegance. 
Nickel Hardware: The metal accents add an industrial touch. Whether you’re channelling steampunk vibes, post-apocalyptic, or simply making a bold fashion statement, this harness delivers.


Versatile Occasions:
Cosplay Adventures: Transform into a warrior, a futuristic rebel, or any character your imagination conjures. The chest harness adapts seamlessly to your role.
Alternative Weddings: Say “I do” with an edge. This harness complements unconventional bridal attire, adding an unexpected twist to your ensemble.
Gothic Glamour: Pair it with lace or velvet for bewitching allure.
Fashion Forward: Strut down city streets, own the dance floor, or make an entrance at alternative events. This harness announces your presence.
Punk Attitude: Spike it up! The metal accents resonate with punk sensibilities.
Everyday Wear: Elevate your daily style. Wear it over dresses, corsets, or bare skin—the choice is yours.


Adjustable Fit: The halter adapts to your chest size, ensuring comfort and security.
Two-Story Design: The dual straps create a captivating visual effect, emphasizing your unique style.
Handcrafted Excellence: Each harness is lovingly made by skilled artisans, ensuring quality and longevity.


Own Your Edge:
Whether you’re dancing under moonlight, exploring post-apocalyptic realms, or simply expressing your inner rebel, our Leather Two-Story Halter Chest Harness is your accomplice.


Dare to be different. Dare to be you.

Leather 2 Story Chest Harness in Red

SKU: 18
  • To Fit:

    Neck Strap: 24 - 35 inches approx.

    Chest Strap: 28 - 36 inches approx.

    Colour: Red

    Materials: Leather, Nickel Plated Steel

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