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Step into the world of Tomb Raider with this handcrafted Harness Set With Halter Chest Harness.


Made with attention to detail, this set is crafted from high-quality polypropylene and features strong plastic buckles for durability and security.

Designed to resemble the iconic look of Lara Croft, the tactical style of this harness set makes it perfect for any urban adventurer, survivalist, or dystopian-themed costume. Whether you're preparing for the apocalypse, channeling your inner Mad Max, or braving a world of zombies, this harness set is the ultimate accessory.

It also makes a great gift for the survivalist or game enthusiast in your life.

Harness Set With Halter Chest Harness

  • All items arrive with a pink security tag attached. If this tag is removed the item cannot be returned. The tag does not prevent you from trying on the item or adjusting it.

    The Drop Strap: 7 - 16 inches approx.
    (Strap that runs from the belt to the thigh loop)
    If you would like a specific length please write it in the message to seller at checkout or contact in the messages

    These items are rot proof UV proof and after using in salt water rinse with warm clean water and hang to dry.

    Note -  Although tough and hard wearing this item is not made to military tactical standards. Not to be use as climbing harness.


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