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Introducing our Handcrafted Nylon Boot Garters (pair), designed for the urban adventurer and anyone with a tactical style.

Made from tough polypropylene and featuring strong plastic buckles, these boot garters offer a secure alternative to traditional laces.

Whether you're getting ready for a borderlands cosplay, a post-apocalyptic survival scenario, or just want to make a fashion statement, these boot garters are the perfect accessory. Say goodbye to constantly retying your boots and hello to a reliable and stylish way to keep your boots fastened. Upgrade your look and keep your boots in place with our Nylon Boot Garters.

Nylon Boot Garters (pair)

  • Boot Straps Garters PAIR

    To Fit: 8 - 17 inches approx.

    All items arrive with a pink security tag attached. If this tag is removed the item cannot be returned. The tag does not prevent you from trying on the item or adjusting it.



    These items are rot proof UV proof and after using in salt water rinse with warm clean water and hang to dry.

    Note - these items are not tactical, yes tough, long lasting but not to military tactical standards, they are for looking fabulous only.

    Also - these items are not for fighting pandas, I saw a film once and those animals know Kung Fu!

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