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Having a mask is brilliant but not seeing your amazing eyes is a problem, but no more!  

With our new half mask, the bottom half of your face is for business and the top for fun. 

Our mask, hand rusted with leather strap fastening is made from solid but flexible plastic and with real leather straps you now can prepare for the apocalypse and still wear your favourite sunglasses.


Ideal for post apocalyptic, pirate costume, Burning Man, Wasteland, Purge, cyberpunk, borderlands, Halloween, Mad Max, Cosplay and so much more.

Mask, Hand Rusted with Leather Strap Fastening

SKU: 001
  • Sizes:

    Top strap: 23 - 29 inches approx.

    Bottom strap: 20.5 - 27 inches approx.

    Mask size: 12 x 5 inches approx.

    Colour: Rust and Brown

    Material: Plastic, Leather, Steel (nickle plated)

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