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Leather Shin Guards Hand Painted


Nothing says "I'm ready to kick the dystopian future in the face " like a a pair of all leather shin guards. They will protect your boots, make your boots look chunkier (which we all know is so sexy) and make you the talk of all the attacking marauders with your keen sense of fashion.


Ideal for Pirate costume, mad max, burning man, cosplay costume, wasteland costume, post apocalyptic, cyberpunk clothing, borderlands and 7 days to die cosplay, LARP and so much more.

Leather Shin Guards Hand Painted

  • To fit: 

    Top Strap: 10 - 18 inches approx.

    Bottom Strap: 10 - 18 inches approx. 

    Guard Plate: 8.5 x 5.5 inches approx.

    Colour: Multicoloured


    Material: Leather, Steel (nickle plated)

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