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Introducing our exquisite Dark Navy Leather Garter Belt: a unique accessory designed for those who dare to defy convention.


Whether you’re an alternative bride, a cosplay enthusiast, or simply someone with a penchant for edgy fashion, this garter is your statement piece.


Product Details:
Design and Materials:
Crafted from premium leather, this thigh garter exudes rugged elegance. 
The garter features nickel plated metal hardware, adding an industrial touch. Whether you’re channeling steampunk vibes or embracing a post-apocalyptic aesthetic, this garter fits the bill.


Versatile Occasions:
Alternative Weddings: Say “I do” with a twist. This garter complements unconventional bridal attire, adding an unexpected edge to your ensemble.
Cosplay Adventures: Transform into a fierce pirate, a daring steampunk adventurer, or any character your imagination conjures. The garter’s versatility knows no bounds.
Fashion Forward: Whether you’re strutting down city streets or rocking the dance floor, this garter announces your presence. It’s a nod to the rebels, the trendsetters, and those who defy norms.
Gothic Glamour: Embrace darkness with elegance. Pair this garter with lace, velvet, or fishnet stockings for a bewitching look.
Punk Attitude: Spike it up! The garter’s metal accents resonate with punk sensibilities, making it a must-have for rebels with style.
Post-Apocalyptic Chic: Surviving the end of the world? Do it in style. This garter adds a touch of rugged beauty to your wasteland wardrobe.


Adjustable Fit: The garter adapts to your thigh size, ensuring a snug and secure fit.
Handcrafted Excellence: Each garter is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring quality and longevity.


Care Instructions:
To maintain its allure, wipe the leather gently with a damp cloth.
Avoid prolonged exposure to water or direct sunlight.


Material: Genuine leather and metal hardware
Size: all sizes available
Colour: Dark Navy


Own Your Edge:
Whether you’re dancing under moonlight, embarking on a daring quest, or simply expressing your inner rebel, our Leather Thigh Garter is your accomplice.


Dare to be different. Dare to be you.

Dark Navy Leather Garter Belt

SKU: G332
  • To Fit:

    Garter: 19 - 24.5 inches approx.

    2 D-rings

    Colour: Dark Navy

    Materials: Leather, Nickle Plated Steel Fixings

    Included is an extra length of leather thong to make sure that belt doesn't slip down while running for the last dirigible home.

    Please note that saddlery leather is heavy and this item will require the leather thonging to hold the item up, The leather thonging is detachable so you can swap it out with your material of choice.

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