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In these times of desert marauders and danger at every turn, Vontoon deliver the Apocalypse Cropped Hand Painted Leather Jacket, ready for whatever your chosen dystopian future can throw at it such as fighting your way to the last drops of fuel or the bus ride home or even scarier... Mondays!


The shoulder and elbow pads can be removed when you are not being a road warrior and just need to go to the shops or something. Very cool, very sexy and very ready for war.

These up-cycled jackets are more of an artistic statement than just mere clothing.  Every one of them unique. They have been sanded, kicked, thrown and even shouted at to get that desired worn look.


Ideal for Piratecore, cosplay, Mad Max, Wasteland Weekend, Cyberpunk, Borderlands, Dystopian, apocalyptic, burning man, diesel punk or just to wear to the shops.

Cropped Hand Painted Leather Jacket

SKU: reworked crop
  • Jacket size: UK- 10/12 (Model is size 8/10 UK, please contact us if more precise measurements are required)

    Colour - Black, Yellow, Orange, Red

    Lining - Black

    Material: Leather, Steel (nickle plated)

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