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You bought your new dress, got on your dancing shoes and what's missing, that's right... apocalypse chest armour!  Nothing says you are ready for a night on the town like armour built to not only protect you from cannibal gangs but also bring out that sparkle in your eyes.


Made from aluminium plate, foam, nylon and plastic. This item is costume only and will not act as real armour, we are pretty sure it won't even stop harsh language.


Ideal for 7 days to die cosplay, wasteland weekend, burning man, mad max, cosplay, fallout, post apocalyptic, cyberpunk, fantasy and so much more.

Chest Armour

£84.50 Regular Price
£67.60Sale Price
  • To fit: 

    Plate Size: 9 x 3 inches approx.

    Shoulder: 15 - 36 inches approx.

    Chest (includes Metal Plate) 20 - 50 inches approx.

    Colour: Silver Black multi

    Material: Leather, Steel (nickle plated), Aluminium, Nylon, Plastic