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POW POW POW!  With this Brown Leather Thigh Harness with Bag you will not only be prepared for the rigours of your chosen dystopian future but you will look amazing too. Heavy duty leather strapping and a full leather pocket, this item could last a life time.

Brown Leather Thigh Harness with Bag

  • To Fit:

    Belt: 30.5 - 53 inches approx.

    Front Drop: 6 - 11 inches approx.

    Rear Drop: 6 - 11 inches approx.

    Thigh Strap: 16 - 29 inches approx

    Bag: 6.5 x 8 Brown Leather (unlined)

    Colour: Brown

    Materials: Leather, Nickle Plated Steel Fixings

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