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Over at Vontoon labs the white coat wearing experts taped some genes together from a boot and stapled some DNA from a garter to the side and developed the Boot Garter! But we don't want to blind you with science, these garter turn any mild mannered boot into a high kicking, teeth smashing and dare I say sexy in the right light kick ass end of your leg statement. 

Our boot strap, hand painted leather is ideal for cosplay, Mad Max, Wasteland Weekend and a million other things... like... post apocalyptic adventures, mad max, burning man, cyberpunk, cosplay, pirate costume, wasteland, dieselpunk and so much more

Boot Strap, Hand Painted Leather

  • To fit: 

    Top Strap: 10 - 18 inches approx.

    Side Drop: 9 - 16 inches approx.

    Bottom Strap: 11 - 19 inches approx.

    Colour - Red/Yellow

    Material: Leather, Steel (nickle plated)

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