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Our arm guards are made from thick leather so can get you though any zombie/orc/marauder/bus ride home (delete as required) attack!  Our hand made arm bracer Built to last and more importantly they look so cool when paired with your work clothes.


Ideal for mad max, burning man, cosplay costume, wasteland costume, post apocalyptic, cyberpunk clothing, borderlands, Pirate and 7 days to die cosplay, LARP and so much more.

Arm Bracer

SKU: 22
£28.50 Regular Price
£22.80Sale Price
  • To fit: 

    Guard size: 8 x 4 inches approx.

    Black Cord corseted closure.

    Colour: Brown and Black
    (The cord can be removed and replaced with your own materials.)

    Material: Leather, Steel (nickle plated),Paracord

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