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"Keep It Sexy Stupid!" the moto over here at Vontoon, we make all kinds of leather and leather alternative products for cosplay, fashion, bushcraft, adventure and just about anything else you can think of.


Vontoon is more than a fashion statement, we actively promote alternative lifestyles and the art that this brings.


AW Collection
Vontoon Leather Chest Harness

Vontoon Leather.

Handmade original designs

for costume, adventure and everyday wear.

Vontoon Leather Apocalypse Jacket

Vontoon Apocalypse.

Get ready for whatever dystopian future you are looking forward to with our original apocalypse designs.

Vontoon Leather Classics

Vontoon Classic.

Our Classic designs involve more detailed attention, all with high quality premium leather

Vontoon Leather Free Harnesses


Our polypropylene collection is designed for adventure, exploring and of course looking good 

Vontoon Leather EL Wire Range

Vontoon Glow.

What makes any one of our items better? if they light up of course.

Vontoon Leather Premium

Vontoon Premium.

All our favourite designs in premium leather choices

Vonton Lidz

Vontoon Lidz.

We don't forget your head at Vontoon with the ever sensible Lidz collection

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